The generator performs awesome ..... light weight easy to start and quiet. Very good on fuel also!

Review by Richard Kisselstein
July 31, 2018 on

This is a very compact, lightweight, streamlined, well built, quiet, and easy to start and operate, unit.

Review by Capt. Ed
Jun 20, 2018 on

Although this generator is quite a bit more in cost, it appears to be well worth it. After reading the manual, it started right up on the first gentle pull and I ran it for a half hour, amazed at how quiet it was. I have not used it in an emergency yet, but I do have complete faith in the quality and technology behind it.

Review by howard FRIERMAN
Sept 24, 2018 on

Filler tube works just fine for adding oil to the generator. Should also be able to drain the old oil when the time comes to change. Clean with no spilling. Highly recommended.

Review by machead4770
Aug 23, 2017 on ebay

Started first pull and is quiet compared to my other generator. Fuel shut off is great to run all the fuel out of carb.

Review by hmelton2
Jul 31, 2018 on ebay

Excellent Product ! I have a Transfer Switch at my home and this Yamaha Generator Inverter turns on all my Led lights, my Refrigerator, several fans, my T.V. and my Computer at the same time with no Problem during the crisis brought about by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Review by ramon_lizar
Nov 23, 2017 on ebay

It exceeded my expectations, very quiet and efficient!!!

Review by javierllanos81
Nov 03, 2017 on ebay

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